The last month already.

We are barely beyond the wonderful experience of Thanksgiving, and close living conditions for several days, with family.

I took off work early yesterday afternoon, packed my bags, picked up Princess Katarina from daycare and got ready for our trip. Tiffany got off work a little early too, and she had prepared ahead of time, so we left Tulare around 6pm and headed for LAX.

Tiffany drove all the way, I slept a decent portion of the drive, and Kat passed out only a half a mile from our home and slept soundly.

After some thick and crowded SoCal traffic, we made it to the airport at 9:30 and picked up my mother-in-law. Soon after we checked into our hotel and Katarina woke up. We fed, changed, and played with her a while.

Around eleven we went to dinner at Casa Gamino, a small nearby Mexican joint. Even though we were tired, we shared many laughs and ate some excellent, camarones, carnitas, arroz y frijoles.

We got back to hotel at after midnight and soon passed out. Susan was very kind to feed and change Kat in the night, and to rock her back to sleep. Around five thirty this morning, the lovely girl woke up and wanted to play. So naturally we were all awake.

I got up sometime after six and took her for a walk in the hotel, in my pajamas. The lobby had quite a few people already who were waiting for breakfast. Kat was just a star in their eyes :).

We met the lovely night manager, Andre, whom Katarina was delighted with and smiling at. Andre told me to enjoy these moments and be grateful, and he told me about his 14 month old granddaughter.

We video-chatted with Uncle Caleb and took a walk in the flower garden.

After a warm bottle of milk, Kat went back to sleep and I am the lobby having breakfast and reading Musashi.

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