No coffee this morning.

I broke our cute 4-cup carafe yesterday morning, and I haven’t yet ordered a replacement. I went to Mr. Coffee’s website last night and I wasn’t easily able to order, they wanted me to contact them during their business hours (eastern time hours).

I worked behind cows for a couple hours and I missed that rush that comes from morning caffeine. It’s a beautiful flow of energy and focus, and all very jittery.

I felt instead that I was underwater as I worked. My arms were slightly delayed when I reached for a cow’s tail, or a piece of chalk. My legs didn’t move forward like I expected them when I stepped. Even the sounds around me seemed a little dull.

I did however see the larger picture of the dairy more readily. The individual
pieces were hidden from me, but the overall experience came clearer.

I think I will play with this some more, titrate my caffeine and sleep and see how it influences my work.

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