Daniel graduated in 2016 from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He spent a winter horselogging in Ontario, Canada, a summer in aquatic research in the Ecuadorian Andes, and worked as a wrangler at a guest ranch in Moab, Utah.


Daniel looks for novel solutions to complex problems and thrives in camaraderie.

He is unquenchably enthusiastic and likes to dig in deep and tease apart the hidden patterns.


Teat Scores. A low latency web-app for ultra-fast recording of udder-observations in a milking parlor.

Milk Lab. Streamlined record keeping for milk quality laboratory. Automatic customization of reports, and treatment recommendations, on the client level. Reduced clerical time to report milk cultures by 80%.

Training and Consultation

Daniel has conducted on-farm training and bilingual (English/Spanish) classes including milking, maternity, and safely working with livestock.

He consults on colostrum management and cleanliness, outbreak investigations, mastitis treatment success rates, and more.