Go ahead and leave it behind.

My news feed has overflowed recently with discussion on the “banning” of the song Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

Many of my friends are raising a ruckus and complaining that people are too sensitive today, and that it is a shame that the song is not being played in their cherished Christmas radio routines.

It’s ok if the radio stations don’t play your favorite song.

The radio stations aren’t obliged to respect your traditions. You are welcome to play the song yourself, if you believe that playing that song is a good thing to do.

In the words of Elsa’s song “let it go, let it go!”. Don’t let it offend you when people protest your traditions, take the chance to learn from them, and in doing so you might gain a new point of view, our even better yet a new true friend “from the other side”.

Maybe after it’s all said and done, you’ll decide to keep your traditions anyway.

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