Last night were the good-byes. After a wonderful full week of family staying with us on Auburn St, it was painful to see them drive off. We had a week together of old stories and new memories, of conflict and resolution, of honesty and surprises, of mirth and tears.

Katarina went to sleep. Tiffany was still at work, and the house was now unbelievably quiet, and a little chilly. I made some lemon herbal tea and put on a fluffy flannel blanket to warm up. I turned on classical instrumental Christmas music and a fireplace on my TV and read from Musashi.

It was very relaxing.

Tiff smiled when she got home and as she was taking care of Katarina, I told her I was living like a 70 year old and I hoped she was ok with that.

She is ok with that. We are both old souls.

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