Pelicans & Pancakes

Had a meeting with several individuals in northern Columbus this morning, regarding the American Solidarity Party (ASP), a Christian Democratic party.

The red-bearded fellow on the left is William Campbell. He is a long-time friend and the host of this public outreach on behalf of the ASP. He shared with us, for two hours, on the ASP history, tenets, and structure.

A joke was made that members of ASP seek to be radical centrists. They are a wide umbrella and “a party of the common ground”. An attempt to bridge the great chasm that seems to be growing only wider with every election cycle.

They believe in;

  • Sanctity of Human Life (abolishing abortion and capital punishment).
  • Necessity of Social Justice (many places of emphasis including economic policies and working toward universal health care).
  • Responsibility to the Environment (including anthropogenic climate change).
  • Promotion of Peaceful World (violence only as a truly last resort).

Check out their website. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be with the ASP, but I definitely want to learn more!

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