Anna’s Canyon Cafe

We parked on the historic route 66 in Williams Arizona and found cold and clean air a refreshing change for the morning.

Walking just around the block, we stopped in at Anna’s Canyon Cafe for breakfast. It was still early, and the only patrons in there were a couple members of the Sheriffs department and an elderly couple.

The decor was simple and antique Western just as you’d expect. Gilded mirrors and western photos adorned the walls. The old wood floor and bar, with a green chair rail all around, and swinging double doors to the backroom, made it feel like a saloon.

Sourdough toast is always a hit with our little SOE Agent (not really an SOE agent, we just like to pretend she is)

I had the veggie omelette, Tiffany ordered the sausage, biscuit and gravy, Katarina ate from both of our plates we all three enjoyed our food. If you like a quiet place for a hot comforting breakfast (crispy and oily hash browns were in both our dishes) check out Anna’s Canyon Cafe. They’ve taken care to save some of that old wild west feel.

A Simple Joy

We’re excited to share breakfast with some friends early tomorrow morning. If the Lord wills, there will be poached eggs, sauteed onions and mushrooms, breakfast sausage, bacon, and plenty of milk and hot coffee available at 7:30 tomorrow morning.

It isn’t much, and it isn’t a very big thing, but it is something we are looking forward to. There are wonderful memories made around a shared meal.

If you’re in town, come and break bread with us.

602 Auburn St.

Pelicans & Pancakes

Had a meeting with several individuals in northern Columbus this morning, regarding the American Solidarity Party (ASP), a Christian Democratic party.

The red-bearded fellow on the left is William Campbell. He is a long-time friend and the host of this public outreach on behalf of the ASP. He shared with us, for two hours, on the ASP history, tenets, and structure.

A joke was made that members of ASP seek to be radical centrists. They are a wide umbrella and “a party of the common ground”. An attempt to bridge the great chasm that seems to be growing only wider with every election cycle.

They believe in;

  • Sanctity of Human Life (abolishing abortion and capital punishment).
  • Necessity of Social Justice (many places of emphasis including economic policies and working toward universal health care).
  • Responsibility to the Environment (including anthropogenic climate change).
  • Promotion of Peaceful World (violence only as a truly last resort).

Check out their website. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be with the ASP, but I definitely want to learn more!

Extended Breakfast

We went to Newt’s Place, in Navarre Ohio, this morning for a 09:00 breakfast. Well we had scheduled it for 09:00, but we didn’t all actually arrive till half past the hour.

Four generations sat around the table for two hours and shared a little bit of life. Coffees all around, and the table was covered with plates of eggs, bacon, sausage gravy, home fries, and toast in various renditions.

There’s no substitute for spending time with our families. It doesn’t have to be in a restaurant. It certainly doesn’t have to be fancy or pretty, but it must be at the cost of giving something else up. To open our schedule, to make time, means to sacrifice something.

We have to give up some other activity of value, for this one that is even more valuable.