Better Go To Work

I am truly fortunate to enjoy my job. In fact, I look forward to working, and every day I get to work brings me the chance to learn, to serve, to grow personally, and to be financially compensated. I often find myself in a state of flow, in that beautiful zone of focus. I also love my family and being home with them. I find that I can’t simultaneously be both deeply engaged in work, and fully present with my wife and children. I am fortunate that at this point in life, there are hours available for each, and I don’t have to spend all-day-everyday with my job. The rhythm of the week is in days to work, and days to rest. Days to leave the home early in the early dark morning with mug of black coffee, and days to wake up later and make cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate with the kids. On my days off, Katarina, Ivan, and I love to make pancakes, French toast, biscuits, or cinnamon rolls together. We play goofy games and have a fun time, and it’s always a treat. As Katarina matures, she has become aware of the rhythms of our lives, and she often asks in the evening “what are we doing tomorrow?!”, “are we going to the library?”, “are we going to the park?”, “can we make pancakes tomorrow morning?” (along with about 300 other questions each evening). Recently she began asking, each day, if I would be going to work the next day, and then she began asking me to please stay home. This string of questions ended up being a great chance to discuss why we go to work, and how blessed I am to be healthy enough to work, and to have a job that gives me money. She has some understanding of money, because we often try to let her hand over the cash when we purchase groceries, or ice cream, or go to a restaurant. I told her the job is a blessing that gives me money, so that we can buy food, and sometimes toys, and do activities as a family. I wasn’t quite sure if she understood it, but apparently she understood quite well – because now she tells me with a smile “daddy you need to go to work today because I want to go camping and we need to pay for it”.

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