It seems more prevalent today to be unashamed about living for yourself. Something recently on my social media feed said the following.

Happinesses is a simple thing. If what you’re doing doesn’t make you happy, do something else.

Where does that leave pain, and suffering, in this life?

What about the friend going through chemotherapy right now? They are sick, hurting, and taking small doses of poison week after week. Fighting their hardest to try and kill the cancer inside them before it completely consumes their flesh.

What about the single mother, working two jobs just to stay afloat? Exhausted, drained, and giving everything she can give for the good of her children. Then getting up the next morning and doing it again.

I think of women and men of renown, those that left legacies of hope and good, and I don’t often think of them as epitomes of happinesses. In fact, it seems they are often branded by suffering.

Happinesses just seems too shallow a target to aim for in this life.

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