Why I’ve Been Away

I generally spend a few minutes writing these posts, a few minutes editing them and finally only a child minutes to publish them. All in all, it averages around thirty minutes for me to blog.

Thirty minutes isn’t enough time to write a eulogy for Dr. Thomas Bitterwolf. Every few months we’d email back and forth (Doc called them love notes – told all his students to send him love notes), I’d send him pictures of our family, and he’d give me some life advice. Doc always said we could come stay at the Bitterwolf Inn (he and his wife’s home now that their children had fledged) if we were ever visiting Idaho. Two years ago, I tried to make that connection happen when we went to Idaho for a wedding.

We never got to meet up with him on that trip. I didn’t understand why he didn’t return my calls, but later learned that he was ill and in treatment at that time. Even though our visit didn’t work out, we still emailed every once and a while. Until two months ago when I heard that he had passed on.

This side of eternity, we will never again have the chance for long conversations.

My grandma Elaine went to heaven soon after that, and it’s all the same thing there.

How can I describe her life?

How can I write anything that even gives a glimpse of the life she lived and the storms that she endured? No blog post can tell the story of ones life. Oh I look forward to Heaven. To see her again and talk for a good long time.

Tiffany, Katarina and I have suffered too. And even then, love has been poured out on us.

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