Slow Down

This evening, my daughter was upset in her car seat during a drive back to our house from our friends who had watched her for the day.

She wasn’t yelling (like she was last night when we all went to the local polling location – turns out her daddy had left a pair of hemostats in her car seat and she was sitting on them)…but she was crying tonight.

I turned on the song “Slow Down” by Mike Mains & The Branches and she stopped her cries and just listened. This has already happened, with this very same song, once or twice before.

It made me cry to go through this, because I’m going to tell her about this very thing someday when she’s much older and ready to leave home.

Here’s the chorus;
What about all our memories
When you would dance and sing for me
Slow down, slow down
What happened to my baby girl
Who used to sit on top the world
Slow down

I’m blessed beyond measure to get to hold her, protect her, and help her find her way in this world. But I won’t always be there for her. Someday will be the last day.

There is only One who stands timeless, and He will always be with her.

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