What’s happening

I had planned to keep writing about work ideas. I thought I would keep this blog semi detached from my personal life.

However, I feel much more comfortable sharing family things here in the complete public side of the internet, rather than Facebook.

Isn’t that funny?

With Facebook, we should remember, if it is free for us, we are the product, not the consumer. The designers of Facebook are looking to change our behavior through carefully crafted advertisements hidden in the free stuff, and companies pay Facebook loads of money to make sure you see their advertisement.

Anyway, it’s Monday and I’m excited to go to work! There’s a lot of opportunity in my field, and it’s just waiting for someone to harvest it.

Last night Princess Katarina slept well. This was a great blessing for Queen Tiffany and me. We have been intentional the last few days to be consistent in our timing of feedings, baths, and bedtimes – and it is really helping us all to be on the same schedule.

Here’s a picture of her getting a little Kat-nap while we get ready for work.

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