Early and Often

Conflict. Not voting.

Conflict is better when it’s small.

I remember my dear friend used to say ‘nip it in the bud’ in regards to addressing bad behavior in her children. I think she was expressing the idea of having conflict early.

I spent years afraid to have conflict with those I am close to. Perhaps I was afraid of hurting the other person, but at the core, I was deeply afraid of them withholding affection.

It was easier at the start to just go along with whatever they wanted. I convinced myself that all would be well if I only gave in to their demands on my time and emotions. I was dishonest. I lied to them pretending to like things just to not offend them.

All too often this set me on a path I had never intended. I frequently found myself feeling unfulfilled, mistreated, forgotten and thinking “how in the world did I ever end up here?!”.

I chose to go down those roads. That’s on me, not on them.

The more I learn of my Father’s love, acceptance, and care, the less I am concerned if they withhold their affections.

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