Forest for the Trees

Have you ever been in the midst of heavy rain and remembered that just a few thousand feet above you the sun is shining? And it’s no different up there than when it was sunny for you yesterday?

At night, when the darkness is everywhere around, when it seems like there is no light left in the world, it is in fact dawning somewhere else at that very moment!

We really don’t see the whole forest most of time, and in fact when we do look out across the forest we are seeing only the canopy of the dominant trees. We can’t see the tree trunks, or the undergrowth, or the many funny looking mushrooms hiding all through old leaf litter.

No. We can’t see the whole forest. And what is above ground is only a small part of the workings of a forest.

We are severely limited by what’s immediately around us. So remember that your situation could look very different from someone else’s point of view.

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