I’ve been thinking over the last few weeks about growth. We desire to grow and yet we don’t want to go through the uncomfortable process to get it. We want to be like a Marine, strong, brave and proud – but we don’t want to go to Parris Island.

It seems to me that the more we step out of our comfort zones, the easier it is to step out next time…and yet for me, the desire to stay in the comfort zone hasn’t really gone anywhere. The invitation to play it safe is still around.

I guess it’s like getting out of bed early in the morning, it gets easier to rise, but it still feels great to stay under the comforter!

Anyway, I wonder about intentionally growing. Is it better to continually challenge ourselves to go just one more little step again and again, i.e. growth by baby steps, or is it better to push hard for a time, relent, and then push again?

I suspect that both are good and should be used together, big goals and a lot of little steps to get there.

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