Do not be afraid

I’ve heard it again and again “do not be afraid”. Good words, makes sense, and I need to hear it even more! And you know what really takes the fear away? What brings the fear to it’s knees in no time? Knowing I’m loved, I’m valued, I’m worthy. My Father is always with me and He calls me son.

With every step there is growth, with every challenge I find opportunity for to be more honest, authentic, and vulnerable. And to the other side, the chance to save face, to try to hide, to blend in just a little more.

I’m incredibly blessed to have been given all these tremendous opportunities in life. Many things I have that others have only dreamed of.

I want to write about my wife, by baby girl (at least we’re pretty sure it’s gonna be a girl!), my family here and abroad, and my new business.

I promise I’ll fill you in on so much more, for now this is enough. It’s time for me to be going home.

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